Everyone who has visited Spain at least once will certainly fall in love with this sunny, cheerful country.

And, to further consolidate this love, it is enough to visit one of the famous best resorts on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the resort town of Lloret de Mar. Picturesque rocky bays, numerous sandy beaches with incredibly clear azure-blue water and colorful architecture of the city itself make it very attractive for thousands of tourists. Moreover, the climate of this resort, even in the winter months, is extremely mild. Despite the fact that Lloret de Mar is one of the most visited destinations on the Spanish Costa Brava, even during the hottest tourist seasons you will not feel cramped. Thanks to the developed tourist infrastructure, it will not be difficult to find a decent and pleasant way to
spend your time.


The city has a wider selection of restaurants with national cuisine, bars, entertainment center, discos and the largest casino on the Costa Brava. Entertainment and the sea are not the only attractions in Lloret de Mar. As in almost every Spanish town, here you can see unique historical and entertainment attractions that are popular with tourists. Ancient castles, botanical gardens with their magnificent green architecture, amazingly beautiful temples and unusual museums will undoubtedly make an indelible impression on you.

In addition to all the recognized local attractions, Lloret de Mar has very beautiful places for walking and seclusion, merging with nature. What are the walks along narrow paths, laid among the rocks, hanging right above the clear blue-green water of the Mediterranean Sea.
You can walk along them for an infinitely long time, enjoying the gorgeous landscapes, taking photo-stops in the most dizzying places. And shady parks with their terraces, sculptures, plant figures and magnificent views of the bay will serve as a place for a photo shoot.

The beaches are the real pride of this cozy Spanish resort. Small picturesque bays, well protected by pine trees from the northerly winds, are rightfully considered one of the best on the entire Costa Brava. The beaches have everything for a comfortable stay, as well as a playground for sports (Fenals beach). Everyone will find a place where they can relax perfectly under the gentle Catalan sun against the backdrop of magnificent landscapes.

For lovers of water activities in Lloret de Mar there is always the Water World water park. On its territory you can find not only endless slides, twisted into a serpentine, and swimming pools for adults, but also childrens pools, mini-slides and a variety of water attractions. The water park also has a recreation area, a picnic area, various restaurants and bars.

To feel the atmosphere of the city itself, it is quite simple, with a measured step, to stroll along its narrow streets, sit in cozy cafes, a favorite pastime of local residents. You can appreciate the traditional Catalan cuisine by visiting the restaurants, which are innumerable in Lloret de Mar. Having started your acquaintance with Spain from Lloret de Mar, you will be forever fascinated by this wonderful hospitable country, which has given an unforgettable vacation and inspiration!

Lloret de Mar has a large selection of tourist apartments or houses. An excellent opportunity for a wonderful and unforgettable vacation to rent an apartment or a luxury house with a private pool.